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15th International Conference on The Physics of Non-Crystalline Solids
作者: irglass 時間: 2017-06-14 瀏覽:2,888 次

15th International Conference on The Physics of Non-Crystalline Solids & 14th European Symposium on Glass conference

The conference will maintain the quality of the previous congresses while incorporating new features to learn about the latest developments in glass technology
and European Regulations. We are very happy to organize in France, these two conferences together. The two communities are both interested in glass with slightly different scientific or technologic emphases, and lot of topics can be in the 2 conferences. By organizing jointly the PNCS and ESG, we give the opportunity for the international glass community to meet in a very nice area, for scientific and technological exchanges as well as for French food specialty. We hope that you can come and enjoy these join meetings.

o Basic glass science
structure and vibrations, modelisation,
glass transition and relaxation,
thermodynamics, crystallization,
extreme conditions, rigidity theory
o Special glasses
chalcogenide glasses, phase change
materials, metallic glasses, lowdimension
o Bioglass
glasses in healthcare
o Heritage, history, scholar
heritage, archeometry, education
o Properties
optoelectronics, optical properties, glass
fibers, nanostructure, laser interaction,
mechanical properties, durability,
o Glass technology
waste immobilization, glass trends,
refractories and furnaces, glass melting,
glass in architecture, coatings, gases and
bubbles, environment, safety and
hygiene, surface and interface, glass
Important Dates
Abstract submission deadline: December 3rst, 2017
Notification of abstract acceptance: February 15th, 2018
Early bird registration: May 1rst, 2018

Conference e-mail: saint-malo@ustverre.fr

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